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How do I know what size to buy?

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What are washing machine sizes and what washing capacity do I need? Well choosing the right capacity size for your washing machine can depend on many different factors such as:

  • How many people are in your household?
  • How many times a week you do the laundry?
  • How kinds of times you wash regularly?

As a general rule we’d suggest the following based on how many people live in your home:

1-2 people: A washing machine with a capacity of 5-6kg is perfect for the smaller household, who typically do the laundry less than 4 times a week.

3-4 people: For the average UK household, a 7-8kg washing machine would be an ideal size for regular laundry days with the space for adding larger items such as bath towels.

4-5 people: For larger than average households a 9-10kg washing machine is a great size to consider. It’s at this larger drum size where you can start to wash larger items such a king sized duvets.

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Take Me There

5 or more people: Households with more people will naturally use their washing more frequently, on average 6 or more times a week. For regular and large wash loads an 11-12kg washing machine is the ideal choice, as you can wash large items such as curtains and duvets along with average sized garments.

Supersize your washer

To put things into perspective 1kg is roughly one ‘outfit’ consisting of 1 pair of adult trousers, a top along with underwear and a pair of socks.

Another way of calculating how much a washing machine can hold is in how many t-shirts you can fit in any one load.

Remember: The cotton wash programmes are typically the only cycles that can accommodate the washing machines maximum drum capacity and specialist programmes may only allow smaller wash loads.

How much can washing machines hold?

8kg is considered a larger capacity washing machine however 8kg vastly differs from a huge 12kg capacity washer.

The biggest size available in the domestic market, a 12kg washing machine can typically hold a whopping:

  • 3 pairs of adult jeans,
  • 2 pairs or children jeans,
  • 6 adult shirts,
  • 3 bed sheets,
  • 6 pillowcases,
  • 6 tea towels
  • and 5 small towels.

Or in other words – A LOT

Duvet Days

If washing your duvet regularly from home is something you require then take a look below to see the boundaries of the different drum sizes.

  • 5-6kg – Single Duvet
  • 7kg – Double Duvet
  • 8kg – Queen Duvet
  • 9kg– King Size Duvet
  • 1012kg – King Size Duvet

Ever wondered what the care label means?

What are washing machine symbols, well here’s a quick overview of the washing machine instructions so you know from now on!

Washing Care Labels