AEG ProSteam:
Cut the creases

AEG ProSteam® Technology

Save time on your ironing and take less trips to the laundrette with AEG’s ProSteam® technology. This is the quickest and easiest way to refresh your clothes so that they are ready to wear again, no washing required! ProSteam® technology can reduce creases and the need for ironing by a third, saving you time and money.

Benefits of ProSteam® Technology

Give your delicate clothes a rapid refresh. ProSteam® technology uses short, gentle steam programmes to safely remove odours and creases from dry fabrics. Ideal if you wear shirts and suits on a daily basis, a quick steam refresh cycle will ensure your workwear is ready to wear again without the need for washing. This also protects the fibres of the fabric meaning they will look newer for longer.

ProSense® Technology

ProSense® technology automatically weighs each load and sensors adjust washing times accordingly. Providing a precise cycle tailored to the weight means the garments will receive the optimum treatment. Using ProSense® technology saves water, time and energy!

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