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In the past choosing a hob was a simple task, these days it is a much more considered purchase - whether it's gas, ceramic or induction you're after we can help you decide. Gas on glass hobs have become increasingly popular due to the ease of cleaning and flush fitted induction hobs create a clean seamless appearance in a solid worksurface. Some customers opt for the best of both worlds with a selection of domino or modular hobs, often mixing gas with induction or even a tepanyaki cooking plate. Choose one of the links below or use the filters on the left hand side to narrow your search.


Hobs Guide:

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Ceramic Hobs

Using elements underneath the ceramic glass these hobs are a great alternative to gas offering fast heat up times and an easy clean surface. Many models have electronic touch controls with a heat level indicator for each zone which can be increased or decreased at the touch of a button.

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Domino Hobs

Often referred to as modular hobs these hobs offer the ultimate flexibility for the user. You might want two gas burners, a continuum induction zone, a tepanyaki plate and a gas wok burner all in a row - no problem, there are lots of configurations available in stainless steel or black glass finish.

Discover Idos: Intelligent Washing

Gas Hobs

Still the most popular type of hob on the market, gas hobs offer instant controllable heat in seconds. We have an incredible choice of gas hobs from standard 60cm four burner models upto 90cm six burner units with wok burners. The most popular finish is stainless steel but black glass models are a great alternative.

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Induction Hobs

More efficient, faster and safer to use than either gas or ceramic hobs - induction hobs are fast becoming one of the most desirable appliances for a new kitchen. Using magnets to heat the pan directly, no electricity is wasted as the surface of the pan is heated rather than the glass surface around it.

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