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January 31, 2018

For over 30 years, Haier have been at the forefront of quality and design when it comes to their kitchen appliances. Giving consumers what they want and need from their kitchen appliances, they aim to satisfy with the latest innovative technology and expertise.

With many products under their belt, which also includes their well known refrigeration brand Liebherr, Haier specialise in both refrigeration and some laundry appliances (washing machines with smart drive motors).

The Fresher Techs is Haier’s new generation of technology, implemented into their range of refrigeration, bringing you high quality innovations.

This brings me on to their Fresher pad technology. What is that, I hear you ask? Well, the Fresher Pad is genius really. It’s a removable aluminium plate located in the freezer, integrated with a unique cooling system which speeds up the process of freezing threefold. This benefits your food, as it helps to better preserve the appearance, nutritional quality and flavour of frozen foods. Got yourself a nice thick slab of meat you need to freeze, but you don’t want to lose the flavour or quality of the meat? This is where the Fresher pad is perfect!

So, you’ll be pleased to know I’m sure that Haier have a promotion starting on the 1st February 2018 where you can WIN a Fresher pad when you purchase any Haier fridge freezer throughout February. This is only on for a short period of time. So, you need to be really quick! If you were planning on purchasing a new fridge freezer anyway then why not make the most of this great promotion. Every kitchen needs a Haier Fresher pad!

Want to know more? Give a member of our sales team a call, they are always happy to help :) 0115 965 1937.


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