Smeg Blade burner technology…

February 22 2018

Smeg are releaing their latest range of hobs offering stunning aesthetics and state of the art patented technology, now featuring their unique ‘Blade’ burner system. These flat ‘blade’ gas burners are patented

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Haier Fresher Pad…

January 31 2018

For over 30 years, Haier have been at the forefront of quality and design when it comes to their kitchen appliances. Giving consumers what they want and need from their

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Elica: a hob and a hood in one…

January 26 2018

The stunning NikolaTesla is Elica’s first induction cooktop with a fully integrated air system. The central fan, otherwise known as the cooker hood is perfectly integrated into the cooktop itself

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The perks of compact appliances…

January 22 2018

Compact appliances are often an afterthought when it comes to your kitchen. And the question is… why? They are the final piece of your kitchen puzzle, that can make all

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Caple go copper

January 10 2018

Caple are forever expanding their range. Their recent launch of their improved sense range has taken the market by storm. Sultry black glass with a seamless finish. A stylish modern

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New year… New kitchen?

January 08 2018

So here we are, another year gone, another year begun. They go so, fast don’t they? We feel like we blinked and it was Black November again, blinked and it

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