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Panasonic have been providing superb quality appliances for many years and all over the world. Whether it's a fridge freezer, washing machine or tumble dryer, Panasonic products are developed with a commitment to style and innovation as well producing products that are environmentally friendly and a pleasure to use.

Here you can find out more about Panasonic by browsing through the products and brochures and read about their great products such as, the Panasonic fridge freezers featuring the innovative VitaminSafe compartments.

Panasonic Features & Innovations:

Here's a small snapshot of some of the innovations you can expect from Panasonic.

Panasonic Vitamin Safe Fridge Freezers

Traditional refrigerators can be too dry for storing fruit and vegetables and only offer a single temperature for the entire appliance. The 48 litre Vitamin-Safe compartment is optimised to a high humidity level, and the temperature can be adjusted between 0˚C and 5˚C, to ensure your fruit and vegetables stay fresher for longer.

The Vitamin-Safe drawer also features two small flashing LED lights which simulate the blue and green hues of sunlight. This ‘tricks’ the fruit and veg into thinking they're still in their natural environment and helps to preserve their nutrients.

The LEDs in the Vitamin-Safe compartment still continue to work even when the door is closed and use very little energy, so it won’t cost the earth to run your new Panasonic appliance.


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  • Fridge Freezers

    Panasonic Fridge Freezers

    Panasonic offer a range of highly efficient 60cm fridge freezers packed with clever technology and design features such as Vitamin-Safe and Hygiene Active. Every detail of these models has been carefully considered to offer you optimum performance, large storage capacities and user convenience. All of these models offer frost free technology, eliminating the need for manual defrosting of the freezer and ensuring your frozen food is kept in optimum condition. All models boast an A++ energy rating.

  • American Fridge Freezers

    Panasonic American Fridges

    Panasonic side by side fridge freezers are packed with innovative cooling technologies which help you save energy and ensure low noise operation. They also feature advanced technologies which preserve the freshness of your food for longer than a conventional refrigerator. From the convenient Vitamin-Safe compartment to the Hygiene Active system, they contribute to a healthier lifestyle. The handleless design on the Panasonic models makes them one of the most stylish side by side fridge freezers on the market.

  • Washing Machines

    Panasonic Washing Machines

    Panasonic washing machines clean perfectly and care for your clothes. Efficient wash programmes and quiet operation are key features and their eco-friendly features. They have developed a range of innovative, highly efficient technologies enabling you to save energy and water in every wash - the 3D sensor, Perfect Sense, HydroActive+ and Inverter motor all work together perfectly to ensure the cleanest results and the best possible resource savings in equal measure whilst offering load capacities up to 10kg.

  • Tumble Dryers

    Panasonic Tumble Dryers

    Thanks the intelligent combination of the Heat Pump and Inverter technologies, the new Panasonic tumble dryer is able to meet the energy efficiency class A, with up to 60% less energy than required for class A. Based on the same principle as heating with an air conditioner, a heat pump dryer generates more heat and uses less energy. As a result, it's more efficient and more environment-friendly than conventional dryers. The Inverter technology enables a heat pump dryer to run the drying process with optimum power..

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